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Permalink Spiritual adviser, life coach, and author Tommy Carter pursues a new client, Angel, to make some extra cash.  Getting deeper into their sessions, the two fall down an emotional and dangerous rabbit hole, haunted by Angel’s deceased mother and previous life events.
Dark.  Very dark. The story was interesting and spooky, but good.  Forrest Whitaker is a sinister talent!  He was scary in The Last King of Scotland; but now I am seriously afraid of him in general.  He powerfully portrays crazy.  The only other standout was Mike Epps; who continues to grow in his dramatic performances.
Repentance earns a general applause.  A weird experience; but some may walk away with a message, while others are annoyed and confused.
Permalink Heading to London overnight on a flight from New York, a U.S. Marshall receives multiple threatening text messages, endangering the lives of passengers.  Quickly taking action to defuse the situation, Marshall Bill Marks takes part in a game of cat and mouse; that becomes a countdown and battle for credibility, trust, and survival.
I am a fan of Liam Neeson’s.  I swear I am.  But I am not sure how many more versions of Taken I can take!  This movie was so predictable, and seemed to go on much longer than necessary.  Or maybe I was just over it.  Instead of being filled with suspense, I was more anxious for the clock to run out so the movie would end.  The casting was interesting, so that brought a little light to the film.  Have to show love for Julianne Moore and Lupita Nyong’o.
It breaks my heart to give Non-Stop a slow clap to crickets.  It’s more like a non-stop trip on the pedestrian trolley at The Grove (aka slow and hackneyed).
Permalink Jason, Daniel, and Mikey make a pact to stay single in support and celebration of their manhood and friendship.  They suit up for a battle of the sexes, trying to avoid a bite from the love bug.
Guys may get a little upset for women to see what really happens on their side, but will enjoy the movie.  Miles Teller’s comedic style is very reminiscent to a young Vince Vaughn.  I like this adult Zac Efron, he’s fun.  Michael B. Jordan is making his way and name, and was adorable.  And welcome Imogen Poots!  A beautiful young talent.  Good movie, cute cast.
That Awkward Moment receives a general applause.  An entertaining chick-flick for guys.
Permalink To avoid a lengthy prison sentence, a con artist cooperates with a power-hungry FBI agent to take down the most powerful politicians and mobsters on the east coast.  Where survival is the ultimate goal, he must trust in love for the smartest, best bet of his life.
Great cast and story.  Amy Adams has shared her amazing talent, playing so many diverse roles; and this sexy, broken character was a great compliment to her range as an actor.  Interesting twists and turns in the story, even though I wanted a little more in the very end.  Some scenes were a tad too long, but the fashions were so beautiful, and on my must-have list.
American Hustle receives a grand applause.  Excellent, job very well done.
Permalink A family tragedy resulted in a much avoided reunion for the Weston family; where history and truth collide with hope and promise.  Three sisters join their aunt and uncle, a misguided cousin, a fiancee, an ex husband and teenage daughter, under one roof with the root of chaos, their mother.
Based of a stage play, what an excellent cast, with powerful performances across the board.  I loved seeing Julia in a role, not quite her norm.  If they wanted me to hate Abigail, brava!  Margo Martindale must play that role too well on film and television.  And how I adore Benedict Cumberbatch, with his sweetness and sincerity.  Nothing, nothing, ever prepares me for the legendary Ms. Meryl Streep.  She was outstanding as always, and blew me away.  It was an emotional boxing match from beginning to end.
August: Osage County receives a grand applause.  It definitely made me appreciate my family.
Permalink Ben, an aspiring cop, wants to propose to his girlfriend.  First, he has to win the approval of her brother, James, a police detective.   Ben joins James on a routine and unpredictable ride along, hoping to bond and gain R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
That Kevin Hart - he’s so hot right now!  And partnering with everyone’s favorite, Ice Cube.  A great collaboration.  It was a fun and funny movie, with a little thrill and excitement here and there.
I give Ride Along a general applause.  I hope to see more action and comedy collabos like this in the near future.
Permalink Jordan Belfort aspired to be a successful stock broker, and grew into one of the most successful Wall Street tycoons in history.  The more money we come across, the more problems we see.
Three plus hours.  Three.  My butt was sore by the time this movie was over.  I had to remind myself how to walk again.  Whining aside, it was really good.  Very clever.  I did not realize it was a true story until the end, which made it an even better movie because it really happened!
A grand applause for The Wolf of Wall Street.  This is your year Leo, I have faith!
Permalink A gambler in the bull ring and in life, Ron Woodroof thrived off of risk.  Diagnosed with AIDS and exiled by his friends, he stops at nothing to support and provide quality treatment options for his community of patients and peers.
That McConaughey and Leto - phenomenal performances!  What a great, real film.  I can’t believe how much weight McConaughey lost for this role.  That’s commitment.  We were so clueless in the 80’s, and many are still not as informed and open-minded today.  I cried. The film itself was moving, but I also reflected on my uncle who passed of AIDS.  Most of my family still doesn’t acknowledge how he died, and he had to deal with a lot of his illness alone.  
Dallas Buyers Club receives a standing ovation.  Everyone, everyone should get tested, practice safe sex, and find your community of support.
Permalink Several years have passed, and the old gang finally gets together again for the holidays.  Laughter and memories are shared, as secrets are exposed and revisited.
Fifteen years, but worth the wait!  I am so proud of the writers for a brilliant script.  And I heard from the cast that the energy and connection shared was genuine and from love, as they are all friends in real life.  I was not prepared for the many surprises tucked into the film, but enjoyed sharing the experience through the characters.  Very honest, funny, touching, and considerate.  Perfect sequel.  And Nia Long just doesn’t age - beautiful!  They all look great.
I give The Best Man Holiday a standing ovation.  Take notes other filmmakers in this “genre,” take notes.
Permalink In the world of online poker, Richie Furst was making small moves to pay for school.  Due to circumstances, he had to go big or literally go home, but was cheated royally.  He sets out to Brasil to meet the big man in charge, who counters with the ultimate bet.
I have to admit, I was kind of whatever about seeing this movie, but excited to see JT at the same time.  So glad I did!  Not only did I learn about this world of online poker that I had no idea existed, I was reminded of why you can rely on good ol’ Ben for a great performance. He is a good bad guy!
Runner Runner receives a general applause.  I bet you will enjoy it, and you can take that to the bank.